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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Torn Rotator Cuff Treatment - Exercise Or Rest?

At this time of year, many teenagers are diligently working through senior high school athletic programs. Off season work outs are along with off season games, then comes the normal season and high performance mandated by peer pressure. For some senior high school athletes, the peer pressure to complete well may attribute to an overuse injury or problems for the top of body, specifically the rotator cuff from the shoulder. As parents, understanding what the rotator cuff is, how it impacts athletic performance, signs and symptoms of rotator cuff injury and treatment options, will guarantee your high school athlete is for the fast road to recovery after a rotator cuff injury or complication.

  "The shoulder is really a ball and socket joint," says Edmond Cleeman, MD, Manhattan Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Group, P.C., Sports Medicine, Arthroscopic Knee & Shoulder Surgery. "There are four tendons that move the shoulder and they are generally called the rotator cuff tendons. Covering the entire rotator cuff is often a bursa, a paper-thin fluid sac that helps gliding occur with less friction between surfaces."

Fortunately almost all rotator cuff issues may be taken care of with out turning to surgery. If you may have been able to snap a single while using tendons fully or hire a serious shoulder impingement you happen to be possibly taking a look at corrective surgical procedure. Surprisingly, I was able to fix a reasonably nasty shoulder impingement with rotator cuff remedy.

  As I matured and begun to make transition from playing to coaching, I studied the finer points to train and injury prevention. What I realized is always that big names alone can be counterproductive with regards to avoiding rotator cuff damage. Although you gain larger, more productive muscles through heavy resistance training, the mass of muscle actually causes issues with the smaller, weaker rotator cuffs that try to keep pace making use of their strength.

For a partial rotator cuff tear an actual physical therapist will give attention to prescribing exercises that concentrate on strengthening the rotator cuff muscles as well as the muscles that surround the shoulder blade.  Postural education will probably be given to the individual also.  A physical therapist will even incorporate hands on techniques that squeeze shoulder joint in a variety of positions that stretch the shoulder joint.  As someone progresses a therapist will start incorporating exercises that place the individual's shoulder in pain free overhead positions.

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