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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Torn Rotator Cuff Treatment - Recover Fast Without Surgery

Are you in pain every time you move your arm? Unable to tuck in your shirt on your own? A torn rotator cuff can lead to intense pain that can completely disrupt your life. A well planned exercise program designed specifically for the shoulder is the most effective torn rotator cuff treatment available.

One of the first symptoms of a torn rotator is a pain on the side of the shoulder and a feeling of weakness when the arm is raised. While these tears can often occur in older people, it also occurs often in younger, strong people who are active in tennis, baseball, volleyball, golf, or any sport that requires repeated motions of the shoulder. It can also happen to people who work in jobs that require heavy lifting over the head.

Anti-inflammatory medicine can be taken to help with pain and discomfort. While the anti-inflammatory medication can help in the short term with pain, it is not a cure. A rotator treatment exercise plan is the most important plan of action. The exercise therapy can help the problem at the root level. It will strengthen the tendons and muscles of the cuff, reduce inflammation naturally, and speed recovery time.

The exercise therapy will gradually progress as you heal. You will have specific movements to do that will mimic the normal motions of the cuff muscles. These will either be done with or without weights. When using weights they will gradually add on more weight as this helps to strengthen the shoulder.

By diligently following a specially designed torn rotator cuff treatment program you can recover from pain faster, while eliminating the need to go through surgery.

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