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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Torn Rotator Cuff Treatment - Here's the Ultimate Cure

We use our shoulders for almost everything we do in our daily lives and it doesn't take long after we suffer a torn rotator cuff to come to the realization of just how much we really do depend on them.

Trying to get comfortable in bed at night, opening car doors, getting into the fridge, bringing in the groceries or trying to turn on an overhead light bulb are tasks that at a more normal time we would just take for granted. The more it hurts the harder the chores become.

It didn't take much to tear my rotator cuff, just reaching a little higher than I was comfortable with was enough to start the pain that I thought would be my undoing. All day and all night the pain just wouldn't go away.

The medical advice I received from my family doctor consisted of pain relievers and plenty of rest. The pills just mildly masked the pain and the rest was easier said than done. Spending my time trying to keep my mind on other things is when I found out about a torn rotator cuff treatment that sounded promising.

And the best part is it was really easy to do with a series of mild shoulder exercises and stretches that actually get the shoulder into a process of healing itself and getting life back to normal.

To improve the range of motion you do a really easy stretching movement that helps with the flexibility in the joint and does wonders to promote healing while easing the pain.

The exercise used in this torn rotator cuff treatment doesn't require countless trips to the gym using heavy exercise equipment. The end result is the damaged tissue is repaired the pain gets relieved as the inner muscles of the shoulder become stronger.

It didn't take me very long to become a believer when I started feeling the results, I stuck with it and today I can enjoy my favorite pastime, which by the way is rolling a 16 lb bowling ball as good as I did before my injury.

Stretching and exercise is the torn rotator cuff treatment that doctors usually prescribe for this type of injury but the only drawback with that is the professionals who show you how to do them can drain your pocket book of hundreds or in some cases even thousands of dollars.

You can easily do your own treatments in the privacy of your own home and be on the way to being pain free with the very same technique starting right now.

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