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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sports Bra from hanes

Long before, exercise was an activity limited to Men only. The trend has changed dramatically. Nowadays, Girls and Women are increasingly into Gym, Exercise and Performances for a healthy body. The biggest issue while doing exercise or performance is that the breasts may get hurt due to the uneven bounce - both up and down as well as side to side. Sports Bras play a very important role in keeping the breasts unhurt while allowing freedom of movement. Sports Bras help girls and women to take up exercises, aerobics and performances without worrying about the well being of their breasts.

Sports Bras are available for low impact, medium impact and high impact activities. Hence, the selection of bra should be decided based on the activity that you are going to do. Running or any other athletic activity and Working out at Gym are considered High Impact Activities.

Different Styles of Sports Bras are available today. Racerback Sports Bra is one among them.

The best features of a Sport Bra are supposed to offer utmost support your breast. It should have an extremely good fit. The molded cups should be used to offer the best support for high impact activities. While doing exercise, one will sweat a lot. Hence, the bra should be made of moisture wicking fabric, so that the fabric could suck the sweat thereby giving you freedom from odor and could keep you cool, fresh and dry. A Sport Bra should be tag free to give you ultimate comfort. Soft and Stretchy bra sides could ensure the ultimate comfort. It should move along with you. Comfort Bottom Band helps eliminates chaffing. Straps for any Sport Bra would be wider than used in the usual bra. Some Sports Bras offer great shaping too.

Hanes is a leading lingerie manufacturer for women. They are number two in terms of sale of bras and panties. Hanes Sports Bras are more affordable and trustworthy.

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