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Friday, August 12, 2011

Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation Exercises

Rotator cuff injuries are actually more common than many people think. The muscles that make up the rotator cuff are actually four separate muscles and a series of tendons that start in the area of the shoulder blade and cover over the shoulder area. They are the muscle group that takes care of lifting over your head, the rotation of the arm and shoulder and also for protecting the area of the shoulder socket from injury.

While most people think of a tear as being something that happens suddenly it is very common for a rotator cuff tear to happen over the course of time, sometimes over the course of many years. This is generally when someone is involved in some kind of repetitive motion at work where they are doing something like lifting heavy boxes over their heads all day. The tear can also happen suddenly, as in the case of a severe shoulder injury from something like a fall. In this case the pain is generally sudden and extreme from the start. Here is what you can expect to be doing in the way of rotator cuff rehabilitation exercises to heal your shoulder injury.

Most doctors will want your arm immobilized for a period of time when you are first diagnosed with the rotator cuff injury. This is to give the muscles and tendons some time to heal before you begin with the rotator cuff rehabilitation exercises. You will then be given a series of exercises to do, either with a physical therapist or in your own home (sometimes both) that will use light weights and will use the motions of the arm and shoulder that the rotator cuff is responsible for. This will be things such as twisting of the arm from the front to the side, and light lifting upward and eventually overhead.

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